One day when you realize that you need to transform your look and you opt for hair highlights.

You get a different and stunning look but after some months, you realize that you are experiencing some traumatic hair disasters.

How can it be undone?

Hair highlights are composed of chemicals that are harmful for natural hair. In the long run and improper care of colored hair, hair highlights tend to damage hair by causing split ends, hair loss, dandruff, dryness and frizz.

The only solution to these problems is getting rid of the highlights. This is the stage where you should stop hair highlights.

hair highlightsYou can consult a specialist for removing hair color to get back the original color and texture. Opt for color removing products that contain bleach and can remove permanent and semi-permanent hair colors. Consult a colorist who can help you change the chunks into lowlights.

Mineral oil is also effective in removing hair color. Saturate a cotton ball with 70% alcohol and apply to the scalp. After that liberally apply and saturate each strand with mineral oil. Cover your head and give heat for almost thirty minutes. You may find difficulty in removing the greens developed from chlorinated water. With this problem, you can try some chlorine removing shampoos.

Stick to your hair highlight, only till the time you feel that it is giving you a dazzling look. When this dazzling look gets transformed into a funny and awkward look, swab the color and feel relaxed.