Changing the color of your hair can be fun with temporary hair dye.

If you want to color your hair, but are not really sure about making a commitment to a particular color, using temporary hair dye is a good way to determine if the color is right for you. Temporary hair dye will begin to fade with the first washing, and will be totally gone in a few weeks. It is an easy and inexpensive way to experiment with different hair colors.

Temporary Hair Dye

temporary hair dyeThe best thing about temporary hair dye is that is has less chemicals than permanent hair dye, since the color is meant to wash out. This means less damage to the hair as the temporary dyes do not include ammonia. These dyes can be found in rinses, gels, sprays, shampoos, and foams. The dyes are usually much brighter and vibrant in color than permanent or even semi-permanent dyes, and people often use them for occasions like Halloween or costume parties. Small sizes of just one application are sold for the convenience of people who want to try it out one time.

The reason the color is only temporary is that the dyes are made from large pigments that do not penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair. The actual particles of color adhere to the outer lay of the hair shaft and that is why it can be removed from the hair with shampoo. The color does not change the natural color of the hair in any way. It will only coat the hair. Permanent hair color actually penetrates the hair shaft to change the color. If the hair is very dry or damaged in any way, sometimes the temporary color can adhere to the hair longer, but generally only by a couple of days.

Depending on the type of temporary hair dye purchased, the color can last from one or two days to a couple months. There are several types of dye and each can last for a different period of time. If the hair dye is truly temporary, it will probably wash out completely after one or two washings, but the product label should always be read completely before putting the dye in the hair. Semi-permanent hair dye lasts for up to seven or eight washes and semi-permanent hair dye can last for over 30 washings. Make sure the label reads temporary if you only want the color to last a day or so.