While people get attracted to coloring their hair and making that style statement to keep with the times.

The problem comes in when they want to remove the color or the highlights due to various reasons, which could include :Hair Highlights

  • They have not got what they wanted
  • They are bored of the highlights
  • They are being teased about their look
  • They are going for a job change and want a makeover
  • They simply want a change for varied reasons
  • Their loved ones are not happy with their new hair-do

… More reasons can be added to the list.

Well, importantly, no matter what the reason maybe, one has to first realize that they have already tormented their hair with highlights and color in the first place. All kinds of hair color are chemical based, and some have even more harsh chemical ingredients. And then going in to remove the highlights implies exposing the hair to further chemical torture. The result is almost always, damaged hair.

So to speak, the process of removing the color is termed as stripping the hair. With this process the hair is pre-lightened or bleached. This means harsh chemical treatment with extra use of hydrogen peroxide. The problem is that once this is done one cannot leave their hair as it is, as the hair is devoid of any color and appears straw-like.

And so one has to deposit another color on the stripped hair. This maybe their natural shade or any other color they want. However, one has to note that even if they apply their natural shade the hair will still appear shaded, as strands that are stripped would look lighter than the rest of the hair.