The crowning glory of every individual is the hair. And their hair does to a large extent determine the personality of an individual. For instance, those who prefer something wild, vibrant and completely noticeable are extroverts, creative, peoples-people, etc. On the hand those who experiment less, or prefer not to experiment at all as generally shy, introverts, prefer to be with themselves, or those closest to them. And those who prefer something subtle are a blend of introverts and extroverts. This is a general analysis with no guarantee of precision, as there are instances where a dynamic extrovert prefers subtle shades because its their professional need in terms of the personal decorum they have to maintain. So, the hair highlights are situational, as much as personality-trait led.

Red hair with blonde highlights
Dark red hair with blonde highlights

An interesting combination that is here to stay since over five to six years is the red base with blonde highlights. The blonde highlights in red hair varies from bright golden highlights that actually go well on lighter red shades tilting more into the shade of dark orange (the tones of henna treated hair). Then there is also the platinum in dark plum red hair. This shade is streaked onto broader blacks of hair. One can also request for the thin and slim highlights, just on the crown area.

Those with longer red hair seem to prefer subtle blonde highlights, or rather lowlights that simply add sheen to the hair. These shades include mahogany, copper, auburn, etc. However, subtlety is not just connected with the shade, but also the type of weaving of the shade into the hair.

For instance, large blocks of hair, no matter what the shade of highlights would be rather loud in appearance, which means rather noticeable. Whereas needle-like weaves of even a vibrant blonde shade can look rather subtle; more like a tease. No matter what kind of look one desires, one should seek professional consultation in order to ensure that they get the actual look they desire.