Red is passion and also fashionable.

All types of red shades and tones are popular. Red hair highlights are unique. They add depth and dimension to hair. Unfortunately, red colors fade faster. For a longer look, blend the red with brown. It also looks dynamic. Reds have myriad shades ranging from copper, mahogany, plum and strawberry, red-gold or red-brown.
purple red highlights
You can choose any shade to compliment your hair color and skin color. People with olive skin color look dramatic with cool reds like purple or plum red, whereas people with fair skin tones can enhance their beauty with warmer reds like orange or honey red.

Blonde can go for shades like strawberry blonde, light copper, and dark copper.

If you are a light brunette to a very dark blonde, try copper, dark golden-blonde copper, deep rich copper or fire red.

If you are a dark brown to black, you can choose fire engine red, berry red, mahogany, copper or plum highlights.

Red is a very tricky color. It is always advisable to approach an experienced colorist. Explain and show your colorist the perfect shade from the reference picture that you desire to have.

Invest in good shampoos and conditioner to maintain your dramatic highlights. Avoid excessive use of shampoo to wash away the reds and make your hair dry. Multitude shades of red highlights are always a fun approach to changing your appearance. If you have a passion for red, go ahead and get a shade that’s right for you.