A person’s hairstyle plays an integral part of proper grooming. This is so because it communicates one’s social, ethnic and cultural identity. Your chosen hairstyle enhances and complements your personality and furthermore makes you attractive. Your hairstyle also expresses your sense of style, your preferences and sometimes it reveals any celerity you idolize.

purple hair highlightsThe need for change of hairstyle has led to the hair color revolution where you are now able to choose whatever color you like for your hair nowadays. Natural hair is a blessing, but it can be enhanced and perked up just by adding some highlights to it or coloring all if you dare. One color that is hip and hot for hair is purple. This bright and beautiful hair color will definitely make a statement as your hair will look unique and bold.

So you want to look different. You love attention and you crave it. You want purple hair! You can add a few purple highlights or get your whole head done. So how exactly do you go about getting purple hair?

  1. If you are not blessed with great hair that’s full of body and has reasonable length, go for extensions. Hair extensions are one of the most popular commodities found in beauty and cosmetic shops. The good thing about extensions is that it is temporary and therefore, if the color doesn’t work for you, then you can easily remove it. You can have the extensions affixed and cut in whatever style you desire and the length you prefer.
  2. One more option to acquire purple hair is to buy a purple wig. This is a great idea since it is temporary and can remove it at anytime you like. Plus, nothing is done to your real hair so you won’t have to deal with having a hair color that people stare at with disgust or a color that does not fit you. Wigs are available in different cuts and lengths to choose from so you can easily choose one that fits you and complements your sense of style.
  3. The next option is to dye your hair purple. You can choose a semi-permanent or permanent dye. The semi-permanent option can survive numerous washing leaving the color vibrant for some time. While the permanent dyes contain an oxidizing agent and an alkalizing agent. When they are combined a chemical reaction is produced to swell the hair allowing the dye to reach the cortex and color the hair. Permanent color will not wash out but it will fade. If however, you want to change the hair color you would have to bleach the hair.


  • Choose a shade of purple that fits your skin tone
  • Make sure hair is clean and dry (but not freshly washed) before dyeing.
  • Purple is really bright so assess whether you will feel comfortable being stared at before dyeing.
  • It is best to get your hair colored by a professional as mistakes are likely when done by yourself.