If you’re uncertain whether you’re going to like your new look, you have the option of testing your hair color ideas and avoiding permanent hair color by choosing a wash out hair color dye. Wash out hair color will stay in your hair for 2-3 washes before it is gone completely. Be sure to wash your hair properly before application and don’t put too much in if it’s your first time.

Keep in mind that if your hair is an extremely light shade of blonde, even wash out hair dyes may not leave completely. If you dye your bleach blonde hair a dark red color, expect it to look light pink until it grows out or you bleach it. For most other hair colors, wash-out hair color will be gone by your 2nd or 3rd wash, though this will depend on the individual.

hair color ideasFoam Hair Color

If you’re sick of the annoyances that come with liquid or cream hair dyes, Clairol foam hair color provides all the benefits of a liquid hair dye, without the messiness. While it’s easy to apply to the hair like liquid hair dye, foam doesn’t drip everywhere. Instead, it spreads smoothly and evenly into hair, allowing you to focus on choosing the right hair color and look instead of worrying about making a mess and not getting every spot on your hair.

Hair Color Trends

While hair color trends come and go, some of the hottest hair color trends at the moment include rich dark browns, platinum blonde, bright red, caramel highlights & more. If you’re looking for more hair color ideas or just want to spot the hottest new hair color trends, a great way to find new, up and coming hair color trends is to pay attention to celebrities on the red carpet. The stylists that do hair for these celebrities are setting the trends, so if you see a hot new hair color or style on the red carpet, watch out because it may be coming your way soon.