Light brown hair with blonde highlights can give you a great natural look. The color options are many, with several shades and blonde highlights available in the market. When highlighting your hair, it is important to choose the right shade especially when the color of hair is light brown.

Here are some tips which can really help you in choosing the right color and make the most of your light brown hair. The first and foremost as mentioned, is to choose the right shade of blonde highlights, as there are various shades of blonde highlights, but Honey blonde and Golden blonde are natural match for light brown hair. Such a match goes very well if the tone of your skin is reddish.

Blonde HighlightsChoosing the right shade of blonde highlights when the skin tone is olive, requires neutral and Ash shades of blonde for a natural match. Light brown hair with blonde highlights can also be tinged with Platinum blonde – this too is a good match. Such colors give a dramatic look and will add extra texture to your light brown hair.

When you go for blonde highlights ensure that you select the right hair style, as the combination of your hair style and blonde highlights will add more glamor. You may choose a layered hair style or can simply go for Bob style – both will give a great look. You have options of adding more than one highlight shade, which will definitely give you a gorgeous look. Never be afraid of adding more than one shade, you may add Honey blonde to Platinum and the results of this combination will give your hair a sensational contrast

Your blonde highlights have to match the hair style and give boost to the texture of your hair, otherwise the wrong hair style will spoil the entire look.

There are other options also available which can make wonderful combination, adding Red or Caramel brown highlights will give a nice contrast. Light brown hair with blonde highlights with more than one shade can give a new dimension to your personality.

If you think that highlighting your hair is as simple as coloring, you are sadly mistaken. You will have to seek the help of a coloring professional who can guide you through entire process of highlighting. These hair coloring and highlighting experts are well trained and carry out highlighting on a daily basis. It may be in your interest to use a coloring technician in order to get the best results.

You must also ask about the proper maintenance as the highlights can fade very quickly. Light brown hair with blonde highlights needs a lot of care to maintain the color for a long period and there are many shampoos and conditioners which are specially designed for color treated hair.

Light brown hair with blonde highlights not only makes you look good but also adds color to your overall personality and helps you look more vibrant, young and attractive.