The True Home Remedies that Work

The number one problem in the summer when it comes to hair color is the fading. Some hair colors only fade slightly, while others diminish instantly. The trickiest color to keep fresh and vibrant is red.

Other colors such as blonde and brown don’t fade as much as red, but from the wrong protection it can cause your hair to look beaten up. Some people don’t realize that the smallest problem could be, using the wrong shampoo, or the wrong temperature of water.

red hairHot Water Is a No No

We all enjoy the nice warmth of hot water on our hair, but the hotness will cause the hair color to bleed and fade. Hot water on the hair is just like hot water on the skin. It opens up your pores and allows particles to release or sink in. In this case the color particles are released.

Using The Wrong Shampoo

As we all know a color treated shampoo is needed when you have colored hair. However, some people tend to use a clarifying shampoo that has color treated hair protection. This is a total no no. Even though the bottle reads for color treated, your hair will still fade due from the clarifying ingredients.

A good example is the Clarifying Shampoo For Color Treated Hair. This type of product will strip the color. Choose a shampoo that does not have the word clarifying in it.

Conditioner, Oil, or SPF Applied To hair

No matter if you are going swimming, to the beach, or working in the garden protection is needed for your hair color. Just because you are wearing a hat or scarf on your head doesn’t mean there is full protection.

Apply a leave in conditioner before each outside session. Comb it through, and DO NOT RINSE OUT.

This process is the same for the oil and sunscreen as well.

brown hairVinegar Rinse Before And After Color Application

Some people do use a vinegar rinse after their hair color, but what about before the coloring process? White vinegar helps remove residue, relieves any itchiness and makes the skin soft.

Apply the white vinegar to the hair one day before coloring process. Then after the color is rinsed out apply vinegar to entire head. This will help raise the PH level, close the cuticle, and lock the color in. It also helps prevent any fading.