Auburn hair color looks like a contrast of brown and red hair color. This is a rare hair color that is distinctive of the people of Northern Europe. It appears to be appealing though that a lot of people want to have the same hue on their hair. Good thing, by the power of salons you can get the auburn color that you want. But since this is not your natural hair color, it may fade as time goes by. However, it is possible to extend its life through some easy steps.

auburn hairThe first thing about maintaining the color is to not wash it up too soon. Water strips out the color that you have just added. Shampoos can also get in the way. Just after you came out with the salon for the treatment, make sure to guard your hair against water for at least 24 hours. Practically, to let it stay longer, you need to keep it for 48 hours without splashing water over it but 24 hours will do for advanced color treatments.

After it has gone through the 24-48 hour crucial period, you may wash it but with a color enhancing shampoo. You cannot use regular shampoo to provide moisture because your hair now needs extra care. You should not fret though because there are a lot of shampoos that will save you. Natural aloe extract in shampoos may help too because it works to save color.

Another thing to avoid when you have auburn hair color dyed on your hair is sun exposure. The sun may leave you with a picture perfect hair because it reflects color but this is a trap. The sun has rays that can interfere with the normal process of your hair. If you are exposed to the sun, color will then fade and will leave your hair dry and brittle too. Dry hair is the number one rival of colored hair.

Avoid chlorine exposure too. Chlorine is made up of chemicals that will affect the color of your hair especially when dyed with auburn color. If you come to test it, chlorine usually affects color even with your clothes. What more with a sensitive thing like your hair? So with this, you need to avoid dipping your hair wet in pools if you want to have lasting hair color.

Hair products will help you get the color life extended. Use hair serum solutions to protect the cuticles of hair thus bringing a lively and radiant auburn hair color. There are also products to leave hair moisturized which is the number one need of a dyed hair.

This color really looks great and astonishing that you may not want to get rid of it. But since it can fade away in any time because it is not your natural hair color, all you need to do is to do easy steps to extend its life.