Everyone wants thick, luxurious hair, but people tend not to know how hard it can be to maintain.  A lot of popular hairstyles that are out there can be hard for girls with thick hair to accomplish.  Luckily there are a lot of great hairstyles and tricks out there to help girls with thick hair get the look and style that they crave.  In this article I will highlight some great hairstyles and tricks to help manage your hair and make it look great all the time!

thick hair hairstylesLayered Haircuts

For girls out there with thick and hard to manage hair a lot of hair stylists will tell you to go for layers. Layers help to thin out a girls hair, give it shape and a great style.  Typically if you choose to do a non-layered look you will find that it will make your hair extremely uncontrollable as well as make it just sit there and weigh down your hair. This can look extremely unflattering and it can become quite frustrating.  Layered haircuts help to give a girl with thick hair much more manageable hair and it will add depth and a different look to your hair.  Layered hairstyles for thick hair are great for both girls with straight hair as well as curly hair.  There are tons of great layered styles that will highlight certain features, you can have your hair cut to frame your face and other areas.

Say No To Short Hair

If you have have thick hair you will find that short hairstyles are not for you.  Typically the best hairstyles for thick hair are medium to long in length.  The longer your hair the more it will weigh your hair down which will help it be a bit more manageable.  Short hair styles typically tend to cause thick hair to poof out and become unattractive.  It is also a great idea to keep your hair long because it is easier to do updos as well as throwing it up into ponytails and buns.

No Bangs

I know that bangs have made a really popular come back but unfortunately they simply do not work on girls with thick hair.  Typically thick hair and bangs are a horrible combination. You will find that bangs will never lie flat and will frizz out if you have thick hair and decide on bangs.  A great alternative to bangs is to do a side sweep bang. The side sweep is great because it is a bang, but it isn’t. You can easily tuck part of it behind one ear and the bangs can become virtually unnoticeable or you can style them and they will add a great depth to your look.  The side sweep bang is great and perfect for added sophistication and style.  I would highly suggest not getting the blunt bang or one that goes straight across because you will drive yourself crazy trying to straighten them and get them flattened all the time!

Shag Cuts

Shag cuts are great for thick hair as well because it will help to thin out the hair and give it shape and texture that is unmatchable in any other style.  It is important to understand that even though a shag cut can really work for girls with thick hair, it is best to keep the shag cut a bit longer then others.  Typically when you see a shag cut you may be thinking of a shorter hairstyle but for those of you with thick hair you will want to make sure that your shag cut is kept medium to longer in length, so that you do not experience any of the frizz or poofness that can become a problem with other hairstyles.

Wavy Hairstyles

For those of you with naturally straight hair you may find that you want to keep it long and you may already have layers, but you are really wanting to do more.  A great way to add a whole other dimension to your seriously straight thick hair  is to waves to it.  Wavy hairstyles are so romantic and freeing, you can add a whole new look to your hair and yourself when you add waves to your hair.  Waves are one for the best hairstyles to add to thick hair that is medium to long in length.  The wavy hairstyle will give your hair extra bounce, volume and style.

Braided Hairstyles

A very important thing about thick hair is that you can do a lot with it and the style will generally hold extremely well.  A great touch to add to thick hair is braiding it every once in awhile.  The braid is a classic look and there are a ton of modern adaptions that you can do with it that will look fabulous in your hair.  Braided hairstyles are fun to do, they give you a whole other look, plus, you can keep that thick and luxurious hair out of your face for a bit.  A really great braided style is taking a section of your hair in the front of your forehead and braiding it across to the other side of your face.  This look is classic, timeless and gives you a great style and look that your friends will envy.

Color And Highlight

Adding color and highlights to your thick hair are a great way to change your look and add different contrasts, depths and colors to your luxurious thick hair.  I would like to point out a helpful tip before you run out and buy a box of hair dye or run to your stylist and tell her to get to coloring.  Before you decide to do anything I would suggest avoiding all over hair color.  When you dye your hair, the color actually attaches to hair strands and it make them swell.  Well when you already have thick hair, this can sometimes make hair look almost like a wig.  A great tip for those with thick hair is adding highlight or low lights to give your hair depth and giving off the illusion of different layers that can actually help your hair to look thinner.  Another great option is adding streaks of contrasting color to your hair. This gives thick hair a really cool and different look.  You can have different colors that peak out whenever you toss you hair or put it up and that is always fun, flirty and playful!