If it’s makeover time, then maybe an image consultant would be of some use.

They are trained to help people adapt to an image makeover that would best suit them keeping in mind all the factors surrounding the client.

Well, this would also include the type of hair color that one should opt for a global color, as well as for highlighting. This is important, as a new hairstyle, along with a new color – bright or subtle makes a huge difference, where the client’s look is concerned.

There are some shades of highlights that bring age and maturity to the clients face; whereas others that cutback on the age factor, bringing in a younger look. Then there are shades that make one look rather sophisticated and classy; and then there are shades that make one look wild and wacky; and yet there are those hues that make one look rather harsh and mean.

caramel highlights for brown hairThis is why it is important to seek professional consultation prior to jumping in for a hair coloring session; or rather a hair highlighting session. Most people look at the glamor pictures in magazines, carry those cutouts and ask for the same shades. Well, instead they need to let the expert decide along with them.

One of the most flexible hair colors to highlight is brown hair. Whether light or dark brown hair, there is possibility for a lot of experimentation. For instance, with dark brown hair, one can go for needle like blonde streaks, patches of red, or then honey blonde streaks (these are just few of the varied options).

One of the latest recommends for brown hair is the caramel blonde, which is neither too loud and in the face, nor is to too subtle to go unnoticed. Apart from this the honey blonde seems to have taken the world by a storm, with many people requesting this. For the wilder lot, there are the platinum and silver blonde options. The gold seems to be wearing away into oblivion.