The best benefit of having a colored hair highlight is a sun-kissed glow which gives depth to your hairstyle.

The shades and intensity of the highlight varies depending on the skin tone, eye color and hair color.

Hair color, skin tone and eye color are categorized into warm and cool colors.Highlights for skin tone

  • Cool hair colors include medium golden brown, deep coffee brown, blue-black, dishwater blonde, golden blonde and white.
  • Warm hair colors are red, strawberry blonde, deep brown and gray.
  • Cool eye colors include deep blue, gray, and dark brown.
  • Warm eye colors are golden brown, green, and turquoise.

Choose shades that best compliment your skin tone.

Cool tones are dark brown, olive, medium, or pale with pink undertones.

Warm tones are brown, pale, freckled and ruddy coloring.

A perfect shade can add beauty to the overall appearance. For cool skin tones, use ash, beige or violet based reds. For warm skin tones, use shades of golden and caramel hues.

You can also choose the perfect color by examining the clothing colors that suits you.

If red, orange, golden yellow, rust and olive green clothing looks best on you, go for warm shades like golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and auburn.

If you look good in black, royal blue or pine green, then go for cool hair tones like ash blonde, burgundy and jet black. If your wardrobe has red, purple or charcoal grey clothing, then go for neutral tones such as beige blonde, sandy blonde, chocolate brown and mahogany.