Hair highlights definitely bring a dramatic change in your appearance and add to your face value.

But, to maintain this dramatic look, it is very essential to provide extra care to highlights.

These highlights have chemical-base that tends to damage the hair, resulting in breakage, split ends and dryness.
Whether you apply warm shades or cool shades, caring for hair highlights is a must to prevent hair damage and hair loss.

Buy good shampoos and conditioner that are specifically designed for colored hair.

curly hair highlightsEnsure that you deep condition your hair once a week to retain moisture and maintain shine and luster.

Apply a good conditioner or swim cap when going for swimming as chlorinated water is very harmful for colored hair.

Chlorine tends to change the highlight into shades of green and result in dryness and hair loss. Don’t overload your hair with excessive chemical treatments. You have already loaded your hair with chemicals and more hair treatments can cause your hair to break easily.

Every 6-12 weeks, make sure that you give a touch up to your highlighted strands.

In this hectic and busy world, it is difficult to take some time from your daily routine for hair care. But, if you take out some time to go for a hair highlight then you have to give time for maintaining and caring for your desired highlight. Or else, you will even lose the original texture and beauty of your hair-which is not the desired effect at any age.