When it comes to brown hair, there are various questions related hair highlights that can keep one on tenterhooks.

Most of people with dark hair color prefer blonde hairstyle but then a question arises, ‘can blonde hair lights suit brown hair’?

The answer to this is yes.

A natural brown hair looks amazing with blonde highlights streaked throughout the hair body. These blonde highlights can add a lot of dimension and depth to your hair. Blond shade will always be noticeable on someone with brown hair.

Brown hair with blonde highlights
Blonde highlights on brown hair

If your hair is light brown, you can try toned down caramel and brightest blonde. Many women walk around with a light brown base and bleached blonde chunks, which looks amazing. Golden or ash blondes also look fantastic on light brown hair.

Red blondes are not recommended for light brown hair because they don’t blend well with lighter hair color. Nothing can be done about it. If you have a medium brown hair color, something similar to brunette, you can try light blonde tones ash, golden, or strawberry. You can also blend a combination of light blonde with red blonde to have an extra effect.

Dark brown shades tend to look more beautiful and amazing with light browns and copper tones. The best highlight option is a warm chestnut with added pizzazz of copper.

White-blonde may also look hot on lighter brunette. Try and experiment blonde tones to have an instant dazzling effect on your hair style and face as well. And make heads turn!