Looking out for a change? And further more you are a brunette?

Well, the best option is to get highlights done in order to shift from monotone to something different. Like most experts stylists would insist, highlighting brunette hair is a good option, rather than going in for a global change of color. By highlighting the hair one even undergoes a makeover where appearance is concerned. And this change is not too dramatic, yet noticeable. However, one needs to keep in mind certain factors when selecting a shade for highlighting…

Brunette Hair with Blonde HighlightsThese factors include :

  • Age
  • Profession
  • Shade of brunette
  • Present hairstyle
  • Lifestyle

The younger lot of brunettes can opt for something rather wild and vibrant, as long as it blends into their profession. For instance, a young creative brunette working in the media – production or direction department, etc., can opt for celebrity haircuts with bright red or caramel highlights. They can also experiment with fashion shades such as pink and purple.

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Again the lighter blonde shades go best on lighter brunettes. This is because the hair would otherwise look rather course and dry. It will need a lot of after highlighting care to look soft and smooth.

In case, one wishes to avoid chemical highlighting, then there is a natural way of getting streaks. One can use lemon juice, combing it through the hair with the fingers. One then needs to leave this on the hair for at least half-an-hour and maximum an hour. With continuous use of lemon juice, the exposed portions with get lighter and lighter over a period of time. It will appear as thought highlighted at the salon.

Brunette hair highlights would vary according to the style and length of the hair. For instance those with short, choppy layers can use the brighter shades of red or blonde. Those with longer hair, and looking for something more sophisticated then there is the choice of the gentle honey blonde highlights. Those with medium to long hair can opt for the shades of copper, auburn and mahogany; as well as the shades of reddish-blondes.