The fashion appeal of brown hair with caramel highlights has exploded in the past year, with Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry contributing to this phenomenon.

The Hollywood industry is always driving trends and fashion tastes, but it’s not all about that. The popularity of highlighting can be seen as a trend of the last few years also because many female stars are adopting this look.

Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights for a subtle highlighting effect

From one point of view, having brown hair with caramel highlights is seen by a lot of girls and young woman as a way to say that they care about how they look and how they feel. Having highlights in your hair is more expensive and it takes more time than basic coloring. For this reason, the message they give is – I really like my hair and I think this style is the one that fits for me, because I care about how I look.

Even girls and young women that had never thought about coloring their hair have started to consider this as an option. It has become so popular, that many girls with black hair have colored their hair in order to have brown with caramel highlights. Also there are more requests of more blonde girls that ask the hair salons to make their hair darker leaving some highlights. In this instance, the final effect is similar to the classic brown hair with caramel highlights.

Brown Hair With Caramel HighlightsThe introduction of high resolution camera and digital photography enhanced this effect – the highlights are now accurately shown in movies and pictures, making them feel real and beautiful. The success of such artists with brown hair with caramel highlights just confirmed what everybody was thinking, men appreciate a woman that enhance their best features – which quite often is her stunning hairstyle.

The common feeling about this recently new fashion trend is that the appearance is getting more and more important in this fast communication era, and especially teen girls are the first to want to mirror stars they look up to.

We asked some average teen girls what they thought about brown hair with caramel highlights. “We love them, they are trendy, elegant and they make us look like we are in a commercial or a movie. It is always important to look perfect all of the time as you never know when somebody is going to take a picture of you and put it in a social network!”

In conclusion, the recent explosion of this highlighting is popular for girls, young woman and hair stylists, and it has been mainly driven by Hollywood and music videos. It has become a popular look and we are sure that brown hair with caramel highlights will be around for many years to come.