When it comes to black hair, it is very important that you consult a colorist to have any change in your hair color.

You can either go for three shades lighter or three shades darker or have a natural looking effect for your color or highlight. Black hair highlights require a serious thought before going for the look. People with black hair can have a stunning effect by applying blonde shades also. For a more subtle enhancement, one can also try a red tone. Red, auburn’s and blonde are best way to enhance beauty of black hairs.

black hair with blonde highlightsReds are basically divided into dyes with blond undertones and dyes with black undertones. Highlights with a blond undertone are brighter like that of a strawberry whereas highlights that have black undertones are darker like that of a cherry.

You can choose any of the reds, strawberry or cherry based on the desired effect of the highlights. Avoid applying shades of red that veer off into the purple family as these tones can wash away the natural look.

Another good restrained highlight choice for black hair is a brown based highlight. Like the reds, brown based highlights are also classified into lighter and darker tones. Brown tone tends to add gradation and expression to black hair.

There are various shades of reds and browns that can add beauty to natural black hair, retaining the original texture and originality. Experiment various darker and lighter tones and find out the best color combination for yourself.

Black hair with blonde highlights:

Blonde is known for having the most fun and with all of the amazing trends in blonde highlighting. These bright blonde highlights come on top of the hair and work their way down with dark brown lowlights to create a beautiful style.

Bright beautiful blonde highlights paired with a brown base will create the perfect contrast of dark and light. The newest trend in blonde highlight is to leave a shadow near the scalp. The bright and bold blonde paired with darker brown will highlight the hair depth and dimension. Blonde creates an overall look that is easy to maintain.

Black hair with brown highlights:

The blonde combination makes this hairstyle completely natural and elegant look. These highlights are low maintenance. Natural strip highlights look like simple blonde highlights and a closer look will show actually blended with the light chocolate brown.

Highlights for dark hair work really well when you keep the brown color. Dark hair with highlights is always in style and the coloring looks will be completely natural. Brown highlights are placed to naturally swirl with the curls in the hair. Consider all of the different ways to style your dark brown hair with highlights.

Black hair with red highlights:

Bright bold red and copper highlights are placed heavily in the area and combined with a dark brown will give your highlights really good. Brilliant red highlights through a rich dark base color will keep your hair fresh. These ribbon highlights will show your layers and curls beautifully as well.

Red highlights will focus on the face and top are exciting and trendy. These highlights will follow the sleek and fun look. Bright crimson red highlights will brighten your hair and create the red effect. These highlights will look great with curly or straight hair.

Black hair with caramel highlights:

Caramel highlights are so much intersecting to wear and they will bring the best out of hairstyles. The long style is made even more vibrant with hair highlights designed to add dimension.

Caramel hues in the highlights are more fantastic when it comes to brown or hazel eye color. Caramel highlights on the medium brown or blonde for an exclusive hair color. Caramel highlights are universally flattering and they suit any hair type and can be used both in blondes and brunettes.

Blondes with a pinch of aromatic brownish spices to their hair will look awesome with caramel and cinnamon down lights. Brown hair can be enhanced with touches of gold and hair starts out darker on top.

These are the best highlights for black hair and choose which is best for your hair.