Everyone needs a new look now and then. It’s always exciting when you dye your hair for the first time and see your new self in the mirror. But every time you decide to dye your hair again and try a new look, it starts to get harder and harder to come up with creative new looks that suit your style. But whether you’re a blonde looking to go brunette, a brunette looking for a tasteful new shade of auburn, or a wild-child looking for funky hair color ideas, the goal is the same – look great and feel great in your own body!

When brainstorming new hair color ideas, it may be important to consider not just what you want to achieve with your looks, but the message you’re sending to other people. For some, this won’t matter. But for those seeking professional or office employment, a more conservative look may be appropriate. However, the need to comply with corporate decorum certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t still express your individuality or transform your look altogether.

Hair Dye Colors

auburn hair colorAuburn Hair Color

Dark auburn hair coloring is a great hair color idea most suitable for brunettes. Dyeing your hair auburn, or even getting auburn highlights is a great way to make a subtle adjustment to your look, giving your hair a reddish tint and more depth while retaining a classic look equally suited for the office, the grocery store, or a hot night out. Auburn hair color projects a feel of richness and warmth, making winter or fall the perfect time to undergo this transformation. For a more modern look, try combining your new Auburn hair color with some light blonde highlights. Learn How to Extend the Life of Auburn Hair Color

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

strawberry blonde hair colorStrawberry blonde hair color is for blondes what auburn is for brunettes. Strawberry blonde hair color, whether you’re getting full coverage or highlights, adds a hint of spice to a standard blonde look. If auburn hair projects richness and warmth, strawberry blonde projects cheerfulness and a lust for life.

Light Brown Hair Color

A popular hair color idea for blondes is to go with a light brown hair color. Maybe you love being blonde, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun and exciting to switch to brunette for awhile. Not all blondes can pull off dark brown hair, but a little bit of light brown hair color can be just the thing. Throw in a pair of brown contact lenses and you’ll have a bold, exciting new look that looks as professional as it looks ravishing. Perfect for the professional woman who wants a major transformation, but still has to conform to the societal norms of the corporate boardroom.

Funky Hair Color

funky hair colorIn contrast, there’s the woman looking for something completely different, something crazy and funky. This woman doesn’t have to worry about a professional appearance, and she’s willing to try something different. Whether dying your hair the color of the rainbow is the norm for you, or you’re a conservative nit trying to come out of your shell, choosing a new funky hair color idea doesn’t just change your look. It also sends out a message – that you’re a unique individual who’s not afraid to show off her style. At least, that’s the message it sends out if it’s done well!

Multi-tonal highlights are a great hair color trend you can try if you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path. Choose hues that complement each other and include face framing streaks of the brightest tones in your color palette to really achieve an edgy, yet gorgeous look. Women with dark hair will want to go with rich, deep colors such as purple hair color, blue hair color, dark red hair color/burgundy, light pink, etc. For fair-haired girls, choose a palette of vibrant colors that can suitably accent your blonde locks. Platinum blonde, bright red, hot pink, orange, or green along with other shades of blonde can provide just the right effect.