Some stylists claim that you will get good hair color if you have a professional do it for you. In some instances this may be true – a good example is when you decide to make a radical hair color change.

But some women have had success dyeing their hair at home. Of course, this is only possible if you know “how to color your hair at home“. Most women claim that the satisfaction they get from coloring their hair at home is the same as having a professional dye for them. Read on to learn hair color at home techniques..

Hair Coloring Products

There are quite a lot of hair dyes available. We can categorize them by pH, functions and combination. Acidic hair dyes increase the space between hair squama under heat conditions. Hair dyes then penetrate into hair and give colors to your hair. Natural coloring products have their main ingredients extracted from organic ingredients. They are less toxic but the coloring effect is generally less satisfactory.

Hair Perm at the Same Time

Hair Coloring At Home Having perm and coloring treatment together poses double damages to your hair. Besides, the coloring effect will not be very satisfactory. Make sure you pick one high quality hair dye to give a better result. It is best to color your hair one week after hair perm.

Using Two Hair Dyes

We do not recommend using two hair dyes for coloring hair at home. The first color may shed off when you are applying the second color. So, it is very difficult to control the colors and timing because . Using two hair dyes together pose bigger damages to your hair. It also takes a longer coloring time. If you really wish to do that, we suggest you having deep treatment 2 weeks before hair coloring.

Coloring Gray Hair

Hair color fades on gray hair quickly. Choose darker colors (in warm color tone) and hair coloring creams that have stable colors. Allows the cream to stay on your hair for 5 to 10 more minutes and massage. Warm color tone usually better hides gray hair than cold color tone.

Second Coloring Immediately

We do not recommend a second coloring treatment again if you do not like your hair color after the first coloring. Wait for at least 2 weeks, otherwise the second color will be very difficult to stay on your hair. If your hair color is really a disaster, we suggest you doing a deep hair treatment and then go for salon coloring instead.

Hair Damages

Hair coloring really damages your hair. So, we recommend protecting and repairing your hair before and after the coloring treatment. Do not wash you hair 2 days before hair coloring. This allows the building up of a natural layer of sebum to protect your hair and scalp against chemicals. Apply some light and fresh moisturizer to your scalp before applying hair dyes. This protects your hair and makes the rinse later easier.

Apply hair conditioner that comes with the hair dyes. Such hair conditioner is usually better than what you can get from the drugstores. They helps closing up hair squama, prevent discoloration and add shine and elasticity.

Washing Your Hair After Coloring

We do not recommended washing your hair in 1 to 2 days after hair coloring in order to protect your hair color. You should wash and rinse your hair thoroughly after having hair coloring. The adhesive power of dyes of light colors are especially weak, so you must not wash your hair if you have your hair dyed in pink, orange or other light colors.