There is a lot of difference between Asian hair and that of the rest of the world. In fact, hair experts all over the world consider the texture of Asian hair to be the best, in general. So, before getting into Asian hair highlights it is important for one to understand the various aspects of Asian hair.

This is because, while people in the west can experiment with colors and still look good, for an Asian individual there are a number of factors that determine the highlights, apart from texture and style. For instance, the way the color catches on the hair.

Asian Hair HighlightsIn fact, many people opt for international shades and get varied results. This is because the hair structure reacts differently from western hair structures. Most of the companies that have come down to Asia with their shades have had to modify their colors, so that it is absorbed by the hair and give almost the same effect one seeks.

Given here are the aspects of Asian hair that one should be aware of :

The hair is generally thicker than other hair types. This causes resistance to the hair color being used.

The Asian personality – naturally dark hair, dark eyes and wheatish to dark skin, they must use warmer, subtle shades, rather than the harsh, wild colors.

Colors preferred : Warm shades such as – red, auburn, and dark or golden brown; along with orange and gentle golden highlights.

Colors that should be avoided : White, platinum blonde, violet and blue shades.

Ideally, bright golden highlights should be avoided as it clashes with the Indian skin tone.

Since it is rather difficult to color thick hair, one should choose a color that is one or two shades lighter than what they want.

One should avoid using black color, as it is permanent and highlights cannot be done on the permanent black color.

When highlighting Asian hair, one is advised to first strip the hair. This is the process of pre-lightening the hair to be colored and then apply the color one wishes to deposit on their hair. This will result in the shade one wants.