Yes, beach blondes have more fun, but becoming a blonde isn’t as easy as you’d think. It takes a lot of steps, patience, and consistency. Check out some ideas and tips below to look fab on beach days

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The bleach blonde highlights in this look were achieved with selective area painting. The stylist incorporated the blonde highlights throughout but left a good amount of caramel brown in for that dirty blonde look.

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How gorgeous and even is this head of hair! This model looks amazing and her hair is just stunning. Possibly extensions, the long golden locks are a smooth champagne blonde – very nice!

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The contrast of the blonde hair and the dark lip completes this look. The dark roots fade into a blonde base with a slight silver undertone. The model’s hair was styled in big sections with loose beach waves.

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If you are in search for a look that looks natural, think about getting some babylights. This model’s shoulder length hair lies beautifully with toffee colored roots that slowly transition to a warm ashy blonde.

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Platinum heaven! The slight ash and the multitude of blondes makes this look stunning. Perfect for all seasons, but summer/spring is when you’ll want to rock this style the most.

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Avril Lavigne vibes! Dirty blonde is a classic. This style will never get old as many individuals have this color as their natural hair color. If you would like this, your stylist will need to be creative with their painting skills as achieving the natural dirty blonde look isn’t as easy as you’d think.

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This model in this photo had her blonde done very close to the roots. Depending on your preference, you can go higher, the same, or lower. If your hair is as naturally dark as the roots of this model, achieving the blonde will require several steps.

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The blonde on this model is so platinum, it is almost white. How incredible. Paint job well done. The blonde closer to the roots aren’t as light, which makes this a caramel brown to platinum ombre.

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Many steps were taken to achieve this look, but overall the color came out amazing and despite the steps, the finished look looks immensely healthy. Practically white, this color must be completed by a stylist who knows what he/she is doing and has a speciality in coloring. Once the color is achieved, style your hair with sexy waves, and voila!

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The blonde on this model sort of has a silver undertone to the entire look. Dark roots make this look edgy, and the styled curls top it off.

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The key to achieving this look is making sure your color placement is even. Any unevenness will distort the look and it will not turn out this even. This is a full head of bombshell blonde hair.

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This ashy beige blonde has some light brown completely incorporated throughout for that sun-kissed look. Super cute for the days of warmer weather.

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The long rich fountain of golden hair on this model looks more blonde on the outskirts of the hair while the middle, especially the roots are a toffee brown hidden within.

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Achieving hair this healthy looking while being a blonde takes a lot of hard work and persistence. Close to the roots, the golden streaks and highlights play well off of each other and the brown base gives a sort of dirty/ashy look.

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A darker look compared to the rest, the stylist of this model’s hair just lightly painted larger sections of the hair blonde, sort of like streaks. From the picture, the blonde was down more so on the sides of the hair, leaving the back incorporated with more of the natural brown the model already has. A little goes a long way, and this look is super cute! Warm yet cool enough for the warmer weather.

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The top of the model’s medium length hair is a dirty blonde but transitions to a sold blonde base. With the right stylist, you can achieve this look, but be sure to treat it with care.

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Streaky highlights of blonde were placed on the chocolate brown hair of the model in this picture. A classic ombre, chocolate brown, to caramel, to blonde. Can’t go wrong with this look at any time of the year.

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Practically gold, the blonde on this model is just gorgeous! The ombre was executed successfully and the fade from one color to the next was done properly. To achieve this look, do make sure to consult with a stylist who can do wonders working with dark hair that will soon be very blonde.

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Another natural look, this blonde is a shaggy brown lightened with blonde highlights. An overall warm look, ask your stylist to keep the blonde light on top and slightly heavier at the ends.

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This blonde look is still in the beginning stages. You can tell by the dark undertones the blonde has. But no worry, arriving at this stage after starting with a dark base, this color is completely normal. With just a few more lightening steps, this blonde can soon be gold or as platinum as you’d like. The way the hair was styled according to the picture on the right – those curls on the end look lovely!