We are sharing 18 peek-a-boo highlight ideas. As the seasons change, typically so does your hair. Searching for your newest hair style? Just in need of some inspiration? Check out our ideas and tips below.

Peekaboo highlightsSource:elsamelinda

Kylie Jenner vibes! Playful streaks of teal and blue took this look to a completely different level. This model shows off her long, shiny, healthy hair with loose curls at the ends.

Peekaboo hair highlightsSource: hotpinkliz

A before and after of the magical wonders a stylist can do with hair. If your hair is as damaged as the hair in the picture on the left, a trim of the dead ends and a deep treatment would be the start to revival. The stylist colored the hair to a deep brown just before giving a blow out and adding extensions. The platinum blond contrast worked well for this look.

Peekaboo hairSource:hairby_kelseyy

This model chose to have a rich royal blue incorporated into her caramel-colored hair. A few strands are simplicity, yet edgy. A look like this gives any beautiful hairstyle some spunk.

Peekaboo hairSource:hair_by_jennifer_arias

A few streaks of pink is all a girl needs. As the model’s hair was blonde to begin with, the pink took perfectly from the middle of her hair, down to the base.

Peekaboo highlightsSource:chanel_no77

Ash brown from the crown of her hair, gradually making its way down, then bam. This model added pink and a rich purple contrast. To achieve this look, lightening your hair, if dark, would be the first step. The cool thing about this look is that the colors were placed in a hidden spot which can be tucked away if she repositioned her hair.

Peekaboo hair highlightsSource:kristalynn13

Holy black! This model’s hair is really dark with some thick streaks of a purple to light blue ombre from the crown of her head to the ends.

Peekaboo hairSource:littlebird_beauty

A big chop for this model. The drastic change consists of cutting off over 10 inches of hair and adding some highlights of pink and purple.

Peekaboo highlightsSource:thecuttingedge1497

So edgy! This cut consists of short layers and a multitude of colors intertwined with the model’s natural medium brown hair. Depending on how the hair is styled depends on what colors will be visible to others.

Peekaboo hair highlightsSource:staceya.j

How pretty is this model’s hair. The light brown which is lightened in some spots more than others mixed with the baby pink and ashy purple gives us the rose gold illusion. Blended to perfection, the purple starts at the top and makes it way throughout the entire head of hair.

Peekaboo hair highlightsSource:hairbycrystalbaker

The shiny curtain of black is spiked with turquoise and purple lowlights throughout. If you are attempting to achieve this look, make sure your strands of hair are thin so that you have thin accents of color as opposed to thick streaks.

 Peekaboo hairSource:stellastevenshairdesigns

The assortment of colors makes a hidden rainbow under the burgundy head of hair. Lots of lightening, many colors, and a steady hand while painting are all that is needed for this look.

Peekaboo highlightsSource:ssscoundrel

Light brown with gold-like shading extend past the shoulders of this model. The streaks of royal blue and lighter touches of purple are tucked away under the top of the hair giving the model endless styles just like the sitting hair- ponytail you see on the right.

Peekaboo hairSource: gohardhairdesigner

Lowlights of dark pink are resting on the black head of hair of this model. The stylist added thin and thick streaks which lay perfectly with her hair long and straight.

Peekaboo highlightsSource: moxie309

So chic! This shoulder-length cut styled with loose wave curls starts ash brown at the crown and transitions slowly down to a reverse ombre from light pink to a mauve purple.

Peekaboo hairSource:cyobeauty

Peek-a-boo! The picture on the left shows how the colors are easily hidden but can be exposed at any time depending on the style of the hair. The picture on the right shows a close-up of light purple, teal, and caramel brown.

Peekaboo highlightsSource:hiddenbeautybychristy

The platinum blonde on this model covers the amazing paint job of magenta and purple. Under just a few layers of hair lies bold streaks which are only visible if the overlying hair is held up. If not held up the look is given the illusion that just the tips are colored.

Peekaboo hair highlightsSource:sinclair.hair

The deep burgundy hair of this model has some blue incorporated which a loud pop of purple on the ends. Potentially extensions, this look is still achievable on a natural head of hair.

Peekaboo hairSource: bbombshellsalon

Lime green and royal blue are a perfect combination. The purple undertone of the blue and the slight touch of turquoise at the base of the hair makes this short cut very stylish. Colors like these must be kept up, so make sure to give your hair the tlc is needed in between touchups.