Updos do not have to be formal hairstyles. Natural hair updos are also for casual and everyday looks, especially if you are proficient at braiding your own hair. Take these updo hairstyles and rock them at your next wedding, work day, or even during a shopping expenditure.

1.Braided Twist Updo Hairstyle

BRAIDED TWIST UPDO HAIRSTYLEsource : michaelanoelledesigns.blogspot.in

The first step would be to divide your hair into three sections. With the three-strand braiding technique, braid each section individually. Starting with the middle section, wrap the braid into a circular shape and securely pin it. Take an outside section and wrap that individual braid around the pinned braid, and secure it in place. Take the last braid and wrap it around both braids, and secure the loose ends with pins that will hold.

2. Curly Updo Hairstyle

CURLY UPDO HAIRSTYLEsource : hairromance.com

Take a section of hair from both the left and the right side. Connect them in the back and pin them together. Section at a time, take the loose ends and pin it up under the two connected pieces for a curly-haired updo.

3. Easy Plaited Updo Hairstyle

EASY PLAITED UPDO HAIRSTYLEsource : hairromance.com

This super cute hairstyle can be accomplished with a ‘half up half down’ style. The top half will be braided by itself with the three-strand technique and the bottom half will be braided as well. Take the bottom braid and fold it within itself and tuck it under the top braid. Take the top braid and tuck it over and under the bottom braid. Leave a few loose single strands of hair out for a more, natural formal look.

4. Flower Braid Updo Hairstyle

FLOWER BRAID UPDO HAIRSTYLEsource : missysue.com

Similar to the braided twist updo hairstyle, this flower braid updo hairstyle works best with 4 divided sections, braided individually using the three-strand technique. Pull the braid, loop by loop, making them appear wider. The braid farthest to the right should be pulled back, wrapped around, and pinned down. Both the middle braids should be taken and wrapped into a circular shape for a flower affect. The braid farthest to the left will be pulled, wrapped around the back, and pinned.

5. Holiday Updo Hairstyle

HOLIDAY UPDO HAIRSTYLEsource : styleanthropy.com

This holiday updo can be achieved by splitting off a left and a right section in the front of your hair and tying off the rest. Apply a small amount of hold product before braiding. On both the left and right side, braid a single strand. The rest of the loose strands, curl them. Take the tied off section of your hair and apply a sock bun.

6. Knotty Updo Hairstyle

KNOTTY UPDO HAIRSTYLEsource : blog.lulus.com

This knotty updo is literally an updo full of knots. Take two strands of hair and tie them into a knot within each other. With the ends, grab more hair and tie another knot.Tie a total of four to five knots and tuck the loose ends under the knots with a pin. No hair tie required.

7. Loop De Loop Updo Hairstyle

LOOP DE LOOP UPDO HAIRSTYLEsource : madison-reed.com

This loop de loop updo is a bit more involved than the rest, but nothing you can’t handle. Begin by sectioning off either the left or right side of your hair and beginning the loop braid. Bring the braid across the back of the hair in which you will reach it to the other side and clip it for the time being. Once you are ready, unclip and continue braiding, bringing the second row braid lower than the first. Eventually the back of your hair will be a zig-zag of loop de loop braids. Take the loose ends and tuck them in and secure them with a pin.

8. Loose Braided Updo Hairstyle

LOOSE BRAIDED UPDO HAIRSTYLEsource : greenweddingshoes.com

This loose braided updo hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous for all occasions. Curl the entirety of the hair and part the hair in a half up, half down style, with a section on both the left and right side not attached. Tease the roots between each section and style a hump and tie it off into a messy bun of curls. Braid the loose sections on both sides and collectively tie it into the bun. There you have a loose braided updo.

9. Low Rolled Updo Hairstyle

LOW ROLLED UPDO HAIRSTYLEsource : blog.lulus.com

Pull back your hair completely, and just above the hair tie, grab the hair and separate. Take the loose hair and flip it into the separated section. Fold it under and pull it down. The loose end you will want to either keep wrapping around, depending on how long your hair is or pin the loose ends in and secured.

10. Wound Up Updo Hairstyle

wound up updo hairstylesource : adizzydaisy.com

Making sure your hair is straightened and free of knots, start from either side of the head and make one jumbo braid using the three strand technique. Braiding along the hairline, continue braiding until you get to the bottom of the hairline. Once reached, continue braiding into a circular shape and voila, you have a wound up updo.