The half up half down hairstyle is not a basic hairstyle. There is so much more you can do with it than most know. These cute half up half down hairstyle ideas can either be used for formal or informal wear. Having long hair allows to easily achieve these hairstyles, but using the same techniques on short hair is possible as well.

1.Easy Half Up Twist Hairstyle


This super easy half up twist can be done by sectioning off a section of your hair on both the left and right side in order to just hang with some added curls on the ends. Take a strand from both sides and twist them to the back of your head. Tie the two strands together and add any pins in order to keep a tighter hold.

2. Half Up Braided Crown Hairstyle


This hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous. Starting on one end, braid the hair and while continuing to braid, make your way over to the opposite side of your head. On the other side, repeat the steps so that there are two braids going in opposite directions. Connect the two braids in the back and now you have a natural, hair crown!

3. Half Up Hair Bow Hairstyle

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With two fist fulls of hair, tie them off on the back of your head, with a bun or incomplete ponytail. With your fingers take the hair and seperate it right down the middle, pin each side down so that the pins are not visible. Take a loose strand from below the hair tie and wrap it around so that the hair tie is not visible. Pin down the loose end.

4. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle


Take a section from the very crown of your hair and tease it at the roots. Lay the hair flat down and take one strand from the right side and pin it in the middle, then do the same with the left. For a few more rows, repeat the steps. Leave the ends loose and flowing.

5. Half Up High Ponytail Hairstyle

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This half up high ponytail will add convenience as your hair will not dangle in front of or bother the front of your face. Section off what you would like to be held on top of your hair and tie it off tightly. Take a strand from within the very ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie so it is not visible. Pin the loose end down so it does not unravel.

6. Half Up Top Knot Hairstyle


Gather as much hair on the top of your crown as you’d like incorporated into your hair knot. Wrap the hair around your finger and twist it tightly. Stick hair pins into the knot to hold it in place. Tease the hair around the knot for a fuller look.

7. Overlapping Half Up Half Down Hairstyle


This overlapping half up half down look requires several bobby pins. Take a strand of hair from the left side of your hair and bring it around back to the right side and secure with a pin. Take a section of hair from the right side and just below the left side bring it across and secure it with a pin. Repeat these steps for the next couple of rows until you are satisfied. This look also depends on how long your hair is.

8. pretty half up hairstyle

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This hairstyle appears complicated, but we guarantee that it is manageable. With several hair ties, scrunch up and tie off a few inches of hair, scrunch off another few inches and tie it off. Repeat 4, 5, or your desired amount of times depending on how long your hair is. Apply the same technique to the other side. Cross the two or put one right under the other. Loose waves work best for the loose ends.

9. Pretty Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

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Tie your hair into the classic half up half down hairstyle. Take a small section of hair from the loose ends of the ponytail and wrap that around the hair tie and make your way down to as long as your hair can go. When your hair can not fully wrap around any longer, pin down the loose end under the ponytail itself.

10. Teased Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Teased Half Up Half Down Hairstylesource :

Begin by teasing the crown of your hair to your desired fullness. Brush down the sides of the hair and pin each side back. Add some curls to the ends.