Who says a ponytail has to be so plain? Bring life to your ponytail by incorporating braids, teasing, curls, and much more. Spice up your ponytail to match any outfit choice you decide to go with. Below you can check out the several great ideas we have for both medium and long hair.

1.Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

braided ponytail hairstylesource : allthingshair.com

Begin with combing back your hair into a high ponytail. Take a single strand of hair and wrap it around your hair tie in order for it to not be visible. Secore the loose end with a bobby pin and simply braid the rest of the hair into a classic three-strand braid.

2. Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle

BUBBLE PONYTAIL HAIRSTYLEsource : luxyhair.com

For this hairstyle you are going to need several hair ties, depending on how long your hair is. Start your bubble ponytail with a half up half down style. Roughly three to four inches down you want to place another hairtie. Take the hair in between the two ties and loosen the hair by pulling it. Add another hairtie three to four inches down, and repeat steps.

3. Half Up Ponytail Hairstyle

HALF UP PONYTAIL HAIRSTYLEsource : theurbanumbrella.com

The classic half up ponytail has been back as a big hair trend over the past two years. Curl the ends of your hair like you normally would, section off the crown of your hair including any bangs you may have, and tie it. It’s as simple as that.

4. Messy Ponytail Hairstyle

messy ponytail hairstylesource : advicefromatwentysomething.com

A messy ponytail as such starts with applying serum to your hair. Straighten your hair evenly. Tease your crown and roots for volume. After smoothing the sides with a brush, spray the hump completely in order to hold it in place. Pull the sides into a ponytail and pull tight. Adjust some pieces by pulling them outward. Tighten and repeat the adjusting step. If necessary, add bobby pins.

5. Messy Side Ponytail Hairstyle

messy side ponytail hairstylesource : cupofjo.com

This messy side ponytail starts off with parting your hair to whichever side you prefer. Tease the sectioned off hair in order to create a small hump. Grab a decent-sized portion of hair from both the left and right side in order to hold the hump in place. Pin as many bobby pins in as needed.

6. Party Perfect Ponytail Hairstyle


This party perfect ponytail is super chic! Begin by curling your entire head of hair. The crown of your hair is where you will want your hump to sit. Tease the underneath portion for a higher hold. Not including your front pieces of hair, tie the rest into a ponytail. Take the left side of the loose strands and twist them back into the ponytail in which you will do the same with the right side.

7. Party Pony Hairstyle

PARTY PONY HAIRSTYLEsource : fashionlady.in

Start by separating your hair to a half up and half down hairstyle to make curling your hair easier. Start with curling the half down section. When you are done, let down the half up section. Tease and comb back each small section, starting from the back. Pin the sides into place and let a few loose strands hang in front of your face for a natural, party pony look.

8. Pumped Up Ponytail With Bangs

PUMPED UP PONYTAIL HAIRSTYLEsource : parlordiary.com

For this look you do not need bangs. If you do not have bangs, push your hair back and begin with a half up half down hairstyle. You want to divide the top half in half and tie each section off. Tease both sections so it appears as one large, voluminous ponytail.

9. Sassy Ponytail Hairstyle

SASSY PONYTAIL HAIRSTYLEsource : theeverygirl.com

When your hair is styled, parted in the middle, and your ends are curled, take several sections of the back and crown, close to where your ponytail would normally sit. Tease the hair. Once your hair is teased, spray hairspray for an extra hold. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and wrap a single strand of your hair around the hair tie itself so it is not visible. If you need a slightly stronger hold, spray more hairspray. Hello sass!

10. Voluminous Ponytail Hairstyle

VOLUMINOUS PONYTAIL HAIRSTYLEsource : carriebradshawlied.com

Divide the entire head of hair into a half up half down style. Tie off the half down section. Take the half up section and tease at the roots until full of volume. Once teasing is complete, gather the hair in total and tie into a ponytail. The teased hair sitting on top on the pre-ponytail should be sitting high and your entire look should be one big, voluminous ponytail.